VCP5-DCV exam prep

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Highly ranked Amazon VCP5 Study Guide by Brian Atkinson –dated @ May 14, 2012.

Updated VCP5-DCV Study Guide by Brian Atkinson –dated Apr 21, 2014

Scott Lowe’s Mastering vSphere 5 (often thought of as the bible of ESXi 5) — dated Oct 18, 2011

ESXTOP: Good stuff on the subject!


Nested VMWare ESXi 5

Opening article outlining configuration details here.

VMWare player/workstation on Windows: advanced topics

See Win7 801.q trunks mapped through to VMWare workstation here:

VMWare Tools into Linux via Cli

First got to the Console Virtual Machine > Install VMware Tools.
#Mount the CD drom
sudo mkdir /mnt/cdrom
sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

#Run this command to find the exact name of the VMware Tools bundle; the file name varies depending on your version of Fusion:
ls /mnt/cdrom

#Extract contents of cdrom to tmp directory
tar -zxvf /mnt/cdrom/VMwareTools-.tar.gz -C /tmp/

Note: is the version discovered in the previous step which at the time of writing was VMwareTools-8.3.7-341836.tar.gz

#now move into the vmware tools directory in tmp directory.
cd /tmp/vmware-tools-distrib/

#Run the installer with the -d switch to accept defaults.
sudo ./ -d

Note: The -d switch assumes that you want to accept the defaults. If you do not use -d, press Return to accept the defaults or supply your own answers.

#If the installer can’t find GCC compiler , run
sudo apt-get install gcc

Auto start of vmware tools is essential to a stress free admin life. Run this command to reboot the virtual machine after the installation completes:

#Rebooting to test persistence of the vmware tools across reboots.
sudo reboot

Check if the VMware Tools status shows ‘OK’on the vm summary tab of vSphere server. This method ensure proper permissions for executable and puts the file in startup as well.