VCP5-DCV exam prep

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Highly ranked Amazon VCP5 Study Guide by Brian Atkinson –dated @ May 14, 2012.

Updated VCP5-DCV Study Guide by Brian Atkinson –dated Apr 21, 2014

Scott Lowe’s Mastering vSphere 5 (often thought of as the bible of ESXi 5) — dated Oct 18, 2011

ESXTOP: Good stuff on the subject!


Nested VMWare ESXi 5

Opening article outlining configuration details here.

Enter SANman!

Openfiler 2.99 Final-

NFS does NOT work:
Portmap and rpcbind are fighting for control. The portmap service has been replaced by rpcbind in most distros, so I don’t think both should be active. Stopping and disabling the portmap service, then restarting the other NFS-related services seems to fix the problem:

# Confirm that mountd is missing (NFSv3 is broken)
rpcinfo -p | grep mountd

# Stop running NFS-related services
service nfslock stop
service nfs stop
service portmap stop
service rpcbind stop

# Make sure NFS-related services start at boot
chkconfig rpcbind on
chkconfig nfs on
chkconfig nfslock on

# Prevent portmap from starting at boot
chkconfig portmap off

# Restart nfs related services without portmap
service rpcbind start
service nfs start
service nfslock start

# Confirm that mountd is available (NFSv3 is working)
rpcinfo -p | grep mountd

NFSv3 mounts (ESXi 4.1u1) should work now. I may be over simplifying the problem, so proceed with caution.

Backup Jobs:

RSYNC documentation:

rsync -avr –inplace –progress –delete /mnt/vol1/store1/vmstore1 /mnt/spare01/backup01/june12/

rsync -avr –inplace –progress –delete /mnt/vol1/store2/vmstore2 /mnt/spare01/backup01/june12/

rsync -avr –inplace –progress –delete /mnt/vol1/store4/iso1 /mnt/spare01/backup01/june12/

rsync -avr –inplace –progress –delete /mnt/vol1/store5/doogie /mnt/spare01/backup01/june12/

rsync -avr –inplace –progress –delete /mnt/vol1/store3/rsync2 /mnt/spare01/backup01/june12/

# rsync -avr –inplace –progress –delete /mnt/vol1/store5/s /mnt/spare01/backup01/june12/


Delete a directory and all of it’s contents:

rm -f -r /mnt/spare01/backup01/june12/*