Speed Cube-ology – The study of speed cubing

Complete Methods Chart

The Fridrich Method -Jessica Fridrich
Video explanation #1
PLL algorytims (printable) -thesixsides.com

The Roux Method -Gilles Roux

The Heise Method -Ryan Heise
Corner 3-cycles — and corner pairs

Petrus Method -Lars Petrus
Bad Edge Theory- 2, 4 or 6 repair

ZZ Method

Sexy Move video 1 – Approx 3 mins in

====Wittman Method====

Begin by solving the first two layers using the “(various Youtube) beginner methods” or
a method similar to the very advanced Fridritch F2L method referenced above — or choose from some of the many other ideas you can google on good ways to begin your solve of the first two layers. There are literally dozens of methods to get this done…

For the Last Layer, my method doesn’t require the rather cumbersome memorization of the Fridrich 80+ PLL nor OLL algorithms.

I have coined my Last Layer Algorithms as POLE followed by POLC and have broken it down into the much smaller set below…
–I am still building out the table(s) below — please check back for more soon.–

POLE Transmutate:
-check back
Oriention ONLY!!! if your lucky enough to receive the transmutate skip:

===Algorithms follow===

3 corner POLC:

Upper layer (LFU frozen) ==> 3 piece CCW — rotate all CCW
F’ L U2 L’ F L F’ U2 F L’

Upper layer (LFU frozen) ==> 3 piece CCW — rotate all CW
R U’ L’ U R’ U’ L U

Upper layer (LFU frozen) ==> 3 piece CCW — rotate none
R2 B2 R F R’ B2 R F’ R

Upper layer (LBU frozen) ==> 3 piece CW — rotation UBR -UFR +UFL)
X’ R U R’ D R U’ R’ D’

Upper layer (LBU frozen) ==> 2 pieces @ you – 3rd piece LBD positon — (??rotation UBR -UFR (-/+)UFL??)
(Usually requires analytics and a 1 or 3 move conjugation of the third piece into LBD placement)
X’ R U R’ D2 R U R’ D2

Multi-Corner Orient only (In case your lucky and the Last layer Transmutate skip occurs):