5G-Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac) went Gigabit last November!

That’s right, the 802.11ac (DRAFT) standard has finally been revealed… so many networks are still wired at 100 Megabit while Multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi is queitly slipping past them! This new technology is ready to hit the streets with mass consumer grade hardware production beginning in 2012 — (see touted early product offerings by Buffalo, Trendnet, that were presented at CES 2012 ).

Look out large enterprise networks, this is likely THE next revolutionary change to your environment! What is this projected to do to the future needs of enterprise structured cabling plants over the next 18 months and beyond?

It appears as if WI-FI is going to be in the 5 Ghz spectrum ONLY going forward…
Article on the practical side from the “small net builder” site.

And now onto the more formalized wiki for the high level overview of the entire IEEE 802.11 protocol family. Inlcudes a nice matrix comparing the newest features of this 5th generation wireless offering against the legacy generations.